270324_10150317276465056_3268914_n-300x266Douglas Owen is a writer, author, editor, and publisher living in Goodwood, Ontario. He is the author of the Spear and the ongoing collection of short stories and flash fiction entitled Inside My Mind series.

He writes for IndTale Magazine and was a writer and the circulation director for IndiFest Magazine. His tireless efforts have assisted in driving change in the IndiFest with the help of the Managing Editor and Publisher.

The founder of DAOwen Publications, Doug spends a great deal of time with the daily operations of Love Knot Books, Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications, Tumbleweed Books, and Wicked Tales, and content editing when he is not fishing or cooking.

Married to an understanding wife, Doug is very active in the Writers’ Community of York Region and handles their special and booksellers events.

A geek at heart, his current fascination with technology is only outweighed by his love of Northern Ontario. He can be found driving for hours to find just the right lake to fish on.

Most of Doug’s friends have the same interests as he has, that of living a good life and leaving an impression for others to emulate.