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When I started the journey of becoming an author, I had many questions and no place to find the answers. Now, after writing many books and learning a great deal, I decided to help others avoid and overcome the stumbling blocks. For this, I’ve been posting on  Quora for the past several months to help people with their writing questions. With over 100 answers, I feel it is important this information gets out to the writers who take writing seriously. I’ll be compiling the manuscript and working on polishing it for publication. Yes, I will author a book on how to create and publish your manuscript. Keep your browser pointed to this site and keep reading for more information and updates. But I need your help, and I’m willing to give you something for it! I’m looking for a catchy title, something to draw the eye. The work is for people looking at getting help with publishing their manuscript either traditionally or self-published. If you figure one out, please let me know and if I pick it, you’ll get a free copy of the book once it is published. Click the below link and submit a title!  SUBMIT A TITLE! You can see some of the (unedited) questions on the Quora feed of the website. Take the time to like the answers and share them on your social media. And don’t forget to join my monthly “No-Spam” newsletter!

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Lear about the NaNoWriMo challenge. Each year I take part in this wonderful event. Each year I walk away with a completed first draft.  Read excerpts of my writing here in my writing area. 

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