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I'm a writer, author, editor, and publisher. Part of me cringes when I put such into writing, but it must be done. For years I've been a lover of books. To curl up and lose myself in the pages of some fantasy novel or soar into the darkness of space on a ship. It didn't matter.

My grandmother once lent me a copy of Fantastic Tales, a publication from 1948. Once I devoured it, my love for such writing blossomed. That is where it all began.

In my teens, elaborate back stories of D&D characters would come from my mind to engage others. The more colourful the story the better the character was during the champagnes. And that was just the beginning.

Later in life, employers found my love of the written word perfect for putting together training manuals and operational guidelines. With multiple manuals under my belt, I decided to take on the world of creative writing, and have not looked back since.

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