The Spear Series

The Spear Series - A young adult fantasy series for young adults 13 year-old and up.

To be a Spear is to protect the Realm
From those who mean it ill

It is the mantra sung to all training to be a Spear, and one of the last things chanted to those who pass. Thomasyn, Bethany, and Jon live the life of Spears in Flight, children orphaned at birth and taken in by the Realm to be trained as its protectors.

Through the years it takes to become a Spear, the three touch many lives, but none as special to them as their protectors and trainers.

This is the story of A Spear in Flight, and it is not a fairy tale.




The fourth book of the series is completed, but not yet ready for publication. To say there is a plan would be an understatement.

In the next few years the whole series will be complied and brought forth as a complete tomb for purchase. Look for the complete series closer to 2020.