Event Booking Form

Booking Request
This form is for booking me at an event to speak about writing, editing, publishing, or anything (but usually in line with writing).
I don't like calling people "Hey, you!" so please tell me your name.
Tell me the name of your organization.
I like to know a little about the groups I speak to. If you have a website, please let me know the address. If not, then don't worry about it.
Tell me the name of the event you want me to talk at. It's okay if there is no name, just makes it easier for me to discuss things with your people.
Where is the event being held? I can travel, but need to know where I'm going.
How many people are expected to attend?
In case I need to reach out to you. Email is great, but sometimes it's just nicer to hear a person's voice.
This is to make sure you're not a robot filling out a form.