Fly By Shooting

Courageous and Running Out of Ideas

Courageous and Looking for Ideas […]

Fearless – A Fearful Walk Through the Second Book of the Lost Fleet

Fearless – The Lost Fleet […]

Dauntless – The First Book of the Lost Fleet

Dauntless is a good way […]

Dead is not Dead until the Dead Lady Sings an Dances across the Corpse

Dead is not Dead in […]


A Few Errors but Still a Good Read

Errors in Writing Does Not […]

Finally, a Good Narrative Hits Us

Finally – We have a […]

Last Book Earth Eternal – Is it the last? I sure hope so

Last Book? I Sure Hope […]

Earth Honor Falls Flat in this Review

Earth Honor Falls Flat on […]

Another Could Be Better – So Why Am I…

Another Could Be Better With […]

Again – and this time I want to scream!

Again – An honest review […]