The Apocalypse with gun control

It's the Apocalypse - In Canada!

Gun control law suck when the apocalypse is upon you. Better find another way to kill corpses, and soon!

The Story

Steve didn't notice it when driving to work or parking his car. Heck, he made it all the way into the computer room without bumping into anyone, which was weird. But then Mindy ran into his life with a dead man chasing her. How could he be so oblivious?

Now, only 40 kilometres outside of Toronto, they hole up to see if surviving the broken world is possible. And how could it not be? Corpses don't walk fast, do they?

Real Characters Real World

Gas goes bad after a while. Stores are cleared of food. It's impossible to find anything to live on unless you know what you're doing. Fortunately, Steve grew up with parents who wanted to be self-sufficient. His father took him on hunts and his mother taught him about living off the land. Not that he needs to - yet.

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