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Wordplay 2013

Wordplay 2013 is a sparkling anthology of short works by 15 previously unpublished adult writers. They were students or alumni from Isobel Warren's Right to Write classes in Newmarket, Canada. All genres from humour and romance to poetry and biography to sci-fi and fantasy. From a fire fighter's wrenching battle with depression to a gardener's squabble with a chipmunk, from a Christmas Eve clash with a kidney stone to an elder's deeply moving reunion with a long-lost grandson -- and many more. Gripping stories, memorable characters, and your opportunity to support emerging writers.

Unfortunately, Isobel became unable to continue promoting the work. She moved to southwestern Ontario, and concentrated on her husband's health. Unfortunately, he left this world.

The story 'Lonely' is my first work traditionally published. But there are many amazing stories in the publication that will make you laugh, cry, and realize what others have gone through.

Wordplay 2013
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