Slashed by a Spear Shaft

Slashed by a Spear Shaft
Part of the The Spear Series series:

Slashed by a Spear Shaft

Slashed by a Spear Shaft tells us there's something wrong with Jon. And as the three leave the Dwarven Kingdom with a report of horrifying conditions, they split apart. Jon is no longer with them. Thomasyn and Bethany must report to the King and protect the Realm. That is where the danger begins.

Along the way they still have a duty to execute, and that is to be Spears.

They are trained, they are strong, and they are willing to do what it takes. But how far will they really go in order to not just save the Realm, but to regain their lost friend?

By Douglas Owen - A Goodreads Author

I wrote this novel during the NaNoWriMo challenge of 2014 as the third book of the Spear series. It involved switching two main plot points and bringing the realization that friends will at times grow apart, but not of their own desire. It is about friendship, trust, loyalty, and betrail.

Though the work is listed as a Young Adult fantasy, and many adults enjoy the story due to the multiple threads. It plays out more like a movie than a regular novel. And as you read it, keep in mind it is suggested for ages 14 and above.

Rated Parental Guidance due to adult themes and realistic violence.

Slashed by a Spear Shaft
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Slashed by a Spear Shaft
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Publisher: Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications

Chena pulled the hood further down over her face. The wicked rain cut through the gloom of the dark day, intensifying her foul mood. She was late, and the one whom went before her had already found the mother heavy with child. The mother who would die during childbirth. Another child, found by him, another child to secure his title of Seeker of Spears. She wanted that title.


For thirty years she had followed him, hoping to discover a child he missed; she still had yet to bring an infant back for training. This irked her to no end, and was a black stain on her record as a Wooder. Chena swore under her breath and trudged away from the brothel, mud sucking at her boots. Something nagged the back of her mind, but only time would tell what it was, and how she could resolve the problem. She glanced into the darkness ahead of her as a shadow made its way through the gloom. A child walked, head down and hand shielding a hooded face, but the child was too old for her needs. She dismissed the figure, and strode toward the outskirts of the town.


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