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Inside My Mind: Volume I

Inside My Mind: Volume I is a collection of short stories and flash fiction I created over the past several years. Some of them are amazing while others show an incredible ability not yet realized. The first volume of Inside My Mind, published in 2014, is the collection of amazing fiction and non-fiction pieces, some of which were created during short creative writing exercises prior to the Writers' Community of York Regions meetings.

The exercises were created and run by one of my friends, April Hoeller. Her creative direction helped pull me out of my limited sight and into a fantastic world of weaving words.

Inside you will find:

  • The End of the World (SciFi)
  • Equinox (Fantasy)
  • Ark One (SciFi)
  • Earth Blood (Crossover – SciFi/Fantasy)
  • The True Hansel and Gretel (Fairytale Retold)
  • Bone Digging (Horror)
  • Lonely (SciFi)
  • From Three to Four (SciFi)
  • The Basement (Flash Fiction – Suspense)
  • Counting (Flash-Fiction)
  • The Littler Red Toy Gun (Flash-Fiction)
  • The Red Marker (Flash Fiction)
  • Christmas Card (Flash Fiction)
  • Invasion (Flash Fiction – Suspense)
  • New (Flash Fiction)
  • Valentine (Flash Fiction)
  • The Penny (Flash Fiction)
  • Breakfast (Flash Fiction)
  • The Parade (Flash Fiction)
  • Love Not Returning (Flash Fiction)
  • Love and the Stars (Flash Fiction)
  • Witch on a Storm (Flash Fiction)

Inside My MInd
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Inside My MInd
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