A Spear In Flight

A Spear in Flight

A Spear in Flight - a young adult fantasy novel

To be a Spear is to protect the Realm
From those who mean it ill

It is the mantra sung to all training to be a Spear, and one of the last things chanted to those who pass.

Thomasyn, Bethany, and Jon live the life of Spears in Flight, children orphaned at birth and taken in by the Realm to be trained as its protectors.

Through the years it takes to become a Spear, the three touch many lives, but none as special to them as their protectors and trainers.

This is the story of A Spear in Flight, and it is not a fairy tale.

Rated AA due to violence and mature subject matter

Children, orphaned at birth, are taken to the training grounds and indoctrinated into the Spears. They are trained, they are loved, and they are taught the law. From the shelter of their barracks, the Spears in Flight are protected from evil - or are they.

By Douglas Owen - A Goodreads Author

I wrote this novel during the NaNoWriMo challenge of 2012. Initially, I envisioned this to be a stand-alone novel but soon found the story would not be completed with just one book. This is when the series came to life. Breaking the work up allowed me to tell the full story.

From the start of writing to the last word, this novel started me on the road to becoming a true author. And as you read the complex storylines and chapter plots, keep in mind the story is only complete until you finish the last book.

Though the work is listed as a Young Adult fantasy, and many adults enjoy the story due to the multiple threads. It plays out more like a movie than a regular novel. And as you read it, keep in mind it is suggested for ages 14 and above.

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Publisher: Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications

Christine cried out in agony once again as her body convulsed with pain. She had been in labor for over a day, and yet the child still would not come out of her. She laid on the bed in the back room of the brothel with sweat beading on her brow. Flashes of lightning lit the room through the only window.

“You must push when your body tells you to,” Lattice said, the midwife Madam Kateryn had called in. “If you do not push, the child will not come out.” Shaking her head Lattice looked up at Kateryn. “Is the girl deaf or just stupid from the birthing?”


“Mind your tongue,” Kateryn said. She had never called on Lattice to help with the birthing of children in the brothel before, but the last few days had been unusually dank and a storm had rolled in. Today the clouds had erupted with lightning and sleet, making it a truly dreary day. Midwife Polis would not come when called on, saying the weather was evil, so she settled on Lattice for the birthing of this child. “She is young and does not know the ways of birthing.”

Reviews:Suzanne on Goodreads Profile wrote:

This was so enjoyable! The description made it seem as if I was watching a movie and was with the children their WHOLE journey. This is the first Fantasy book that I read from start to finish and it lured me in with every word. You will understand the cover of the book when you read it. I was told it looks like Harry Potter, but I think this has surpassed that.

I LOVED it and would definitely recommend the book.