The Awakening of Gregory

The Awakening of Gregory

The Awakening of Gregory – A crime thriller and first book of the Blood Cells series. Written by Douglas Owen for Wicked Tales.

Gregory Jones finds himself in a desperate search for a body disposal specialist working for an underworld of mythical creatures. His beliefs are questioned and reality shattered as he works his way to find not only the person he is after, but the ones who hire him.

But as he closes in on the target, Gregory discovers secrets he is not expecting. The world turns upside down, and reality crashes down as a centuries old mystery starts to unravel. Age is not a barrier though, and his enemy uses it to the full advantage.

Gregory must look beyond the blinders of science and follow the teachings of faith to help him discover the truth behind the disappearances that he believes are murders. And as he puts all the pieces of the puzzle together, one more surprise slaps him across the face.

It will take all his training, faith, and belief to solve the mystery. And as he takes a looping ride, Gregory must face the demons threatening the small town of Stouffville, and the outlying hamlets around it.

In the town of Stouffville, just North of the GTA, resources are limited. Budgets are tight. And people expect more out of their public servants.

You’ll want to be comfortable for you’ll not want to put this book down.

This novel is a NaNoWriMo project