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Haraken – A Silver Ships Novel


Haraken is the fourth book in the Silver Ships series, and I now know why I’m bothered by it.

This is a little better than the last three books, but only because it contains more action.

The novel takes place nine years after the other three. Haraken is now a settled world with Alex as their king. Well, not really the king. He became the president and still is, even though he seems to do anything but be such.

Things I like about the series so far can be explained easily. The worlds appear to be well constructed and the background solid. There are multiple characters with differences that make them unique.

What I don’t like about the series is Alex Racine is basically a Mary Sue without being a Mary Sue because he is, generally, the main character and protagonist. Everything he does is perfect. He wins battles without breaking a sweat and is the want of all the female (mostly) characters in the series. It makes for a little bit of a bore when a character succeeds at everything they try to do.

Another issue that comes up is backstory. It’s great that there is a history for the characters, but do we really need to know it? Case in point is near the end, and I mean the last chapter. We meet a new character. Great, something to be of interest. But what happens? Nothing. We just get their back story and that’s it. What? Really? Just a back story? Why the heck bring him in? Put that in the next book and cut your word count.

No, we get back story after back story. All characters used have back stories and we get each one.


Each one.

Why? Because it gives more words to the story which would lose probably 20 pages of text if you kill the backstories. It reminds me of something.


Backstory is a novel killer. Once you start travelling down that road it become very bumpy. Why do we need to know so much about a character who is not going to be in the next novel? There is no reason for it. Get back to the story.

On to the 5th book. Hope it’s a little better, but not holding my breath.

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