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Meridien Asleep Yet?

Meridien Asleep Yet?

Meridien asleep yet is all I asked during this work. Okay, so it was okay, but there was really only one incident in the in the work that gave conflict.

Starting conflict ended to easily for a group of space travelers who have never been in a fight. And to take out their entire force by stealing one ship and figuring out their language in a few hours. Well, you get the idea.

Our Mary Sue main character is elevated once again to a high level and we see yet another aspect of the his invincibility leak out.

I’m not sure if Jucha realizes what type of book he wrote. In fact, it’s rather boring to go through and I’m still wondering why I’m reading it. I do want to stop, but also want to know the direction.

For the most part, we need to see more action and less, “We’ll do this.” The novel is more a retrospect of what the group does. So why was it so popular? As we read the words its hard to understand.

This is the third book of the Silver Ships series. If you like to read about things that happen in the lives of others that is not confrontational, then this book is for you. But if you are like most and want action, walk away from this series.

I’ve read a lot of books over the last many years, and this series is more about the main character winning. Yes, he is a Mary Sue and wins at everything. He’s too nice, too perfect, and loved by all. So when you come across this type of character you’ll know what to call them. It is either for males or females, a character just too perfect to be believable.

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