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Snooze Fest – Libre by S H Jucha

Snooze Fest – Libre by S H Jucha

Snooze fest is all I can really say about this part of the saga of the Silver Ships. But why did it have to be like that?

I’ve been holding out for something to happen. Unfortunately, in this novel, nothing really does. The novel flows well, but what goes on? A little spoiler alert – nothing much.

So our hero, Alex, gets the ship to Meridian space, but why did they get to a planet infested with Silver Ships? Who knows. Maybe it was to test their ships. In a whole, the new fighters and tech deployed worked too well. They devastated the ship and took it aboard to examine.

Now, with one kill under their belt, they go to a new planet and take over the production of ships to evacuate the population. So why is it that only Alex notices the lack of urgency shown by the population? It makes no sense.

And during the so called rushed evacuation, Alex is promoted to Admiral and forms a new “House” in the Meridian confederation. Little too convenient. He then directs the building of new fighters to help with taking down the attacking force while they flee to New Terra? Come on. If they’re behind in building the evacuation ships they would divert everything to completing them, not waist energy on fighters.

My concern is this great idea for a story and series is drowning in needed exhortation that the reader gives asking for something more. But it does not come. There is a limit to the conflict. Everyone gets along. No one steps out of line, and if they do they lose their life because it is in battle with the Silver Ships. Yes, they did lose a great many people (we think) as they left the planet but with how each character placates the other… Well, you get the idea. We need more in the writing.

I had high expectations after the first book finished, believing more would come through. But alas, this book did disappoint. Hopefully the third will show us more.

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