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The Silver Ships by S.H. Jucha

The Silver Ships

The Silver Ships by S. H. Jucha reminds me of the Science Fiction of yesterday. Not that it’s a good comparison, just that the writing reminds me of it.

I remember years ago sitting down as a boy and reading novels with a perfect protagonist who could do no wrong. Those perfect people knew a lot. They were strong, secure, humble, smart, and above all, a Mary Sue. In this book, the first of many, I am reminded of such writing.

This novel describes two societies of humans who have colonized different planets. The first being the New Terra Colony and the second being the Méridiens. The author did a bit of work building the two different societies but to what end?

From the start, our main character Alex, is too perfect. The Terra Colony is backward to the point they have just started to reach out into space. The Méridiens have already colonized multiple systems. The two could not have been from different upbringings. But still, we see the Méridiens as a utopia, with the exception of the Silver Ships.

At length, the polite wording and perfect scenarios became somewhat boring. It is not until the end that you get to see any action, and it is subdued. Not that there wasn’t much chance for conflicts. From a group stealing the technology to problems with understanding, this work came across as everything is okay. None of the Méridiens were distraught enough to break down after they were awaken nor did any of them come to blows. It took Alex to explain how to handle other people.

I can understand why the Méridiens latched onto Alex, but it does not make sense that he developed the way he did, too perfect and all. But that’s another story.

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