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The Trials by Linda Nagata

The Trials was Trying

The Trials by Linda Nagata was a little trying for me. I still made it through the novel, but with less enjoyment.

One issue I discovered was a few tense issues. These are hard to overlook, being an author who enjoys first person present tense. It could mean a less than perfect editor, but that happened in the last one as well.

The story is still okay, but there is a trial at the start of the book and that dragged things out. Most of it could have easily been dropped and the book not suffer. One suggestion, if you want to write about court proceedings, learn them so it makes sense. A military trial in the US is under the Military Code of Justice.

Like the first book in the series, I found the narrator in the audio book to be difficult to follow. The use of a hushed and throaty voice to convey yelling became distracting. The reader could have just raised their voice a little to portray it better. Maybe in the future they will discover this for themselves.

I’m moving on with the third, and hopefully last, book of the series. If the writing stays consistent it should be easy going, but that narrator needs to change. Please, Linda, pick someone else with a better voice. If the same reader is telling the story I’ll have no choice but to, if there are difficulties, put the book aside as a did not finish.

As far as story line goes, metal is heavy and sinks in water, that’s about all I have to say about that. And if you decide to have metal lets with morphing feet, you could easily have them make flippers. Just a little something you pick up from reading.

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