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First Light – The Red Book One

First Light

First Light, barring the cover, was actually enjoyable with one exception – the narrator of the audio book. That is my impression.

Linda Nagata spins an interesting tale with the first book of this series. Our protagonist is enrolled in the armed forces in order to stay out of jail. Technology is advanced and something tells him of impending danger. But he does not take heed. Instead, an attack causes major damage and this is where something goes wrong.

There’s a few things I always suggest to a writer – research.

One issue I found resolved was the use of the term “Dead Sister”. Linda uses that name to explain an exoskeleton used to enhance speed and strength. Far sight and overlay refer to interfaces used on the eye. Far sights are like glasses and overlays like contact lenses. Good to know these things when reading. Other than that, the rest of the technology is easy to grasp.

Remember the Six Million Dollar Man? No? Well, one of the things I really didn’t understand about the show is how Steve Austin lifted all that weight without his back (the non-cyborg part of him) giving out. When I was a gym rat you had to make sure all your parts could survive the lift, not just one part. Sure you can leg press 270 kgs, but can your back support that? No? Guess the legs are different than. The human skeleton an only hold so much.

But digressing like that does not give you an idea of what I’m talking about. And I don’t want to give anything away in the novel, which is why you should get it. But stay away from the audio version, the narrator is frustrating to listen to.

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