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Fog of the 1/2986 Series


Fog is Foggy in the End

Fog is foggy in the end. Yes, I said it. But it does not take away form the read. It is still a recommended series, but I’ll be dropping it from here.

My reasons are simple. As soon as a piece of work crosses a line I cannot believe or acknowledge for a character, they lose me. In this book, the end is where it happened.

Throughout the series I wondered about the format of the number. It is explained, to an extent, the number 2986 represents the number of humans left on Earth. But it doesn’t add up.

When I think back to the beginning of the series I can guess at how many people are in the small village Micka is from. Then I work forward from the first book to the end of this one and realize that number must be wrong. After using a little common sense and the idea that small tribes of people are everywhere, and then factor in the other towns, I come up with a larger figure. In order for the world to work they would have closer to or over several hundred thousand. I say this for one of the small cities they visited in the first book must have been over ten-thousand in population.

It still does not take away from the story. The growth of the main character is noticeable as she completes her training. The reason for her being there is straight forward and believable. What happens to destroy it is the final outcome at the end of the book. Things ingrained in the story are flipped around a little and Micka is no longer following her basic character trait. She is different. And it throws me. Off to another series now.

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