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CUT – First Book of the Series 1/2986

CUT – A Surprising Find

Cut has surprised me. This wonderful first book of the series 1/2986 at first was not something I would normally read. The start didn’t really grab me much, but it picked up rather quickly. By the second chapter I found myself wondering what will happen.

This apocalyptic wonder is written by Annalie Wendeberg, a self-publishing author who is doing it right. I found less mistakes/issues in this novel than the last traditionally published one I read. This is saying a lot. It tells me she didn’t skimp on the hard work needed to produce an amazing work of fiction.

I won’t give away the novel, but our protagonist, Micka, is a teenager in a world reduced to 2986 people.

The Rundown

This is what we are led to believe from the start, but is it so? Micka is a skinny, underdeveloped girl living a life of obscurity and problems. Her father is abusive and mother withdrawn. But a sequencer who has travelled to her small village. This is where the story starts to take on the main plot.

I became turned off a little in the beginning, due to how Micka narrated her story. This is all in first person, so we only really know Micka and how she reacts to things. But Annalie is able to pull the reader into the story artfully. Her use of imagery and well crafted narrative gives us a good look at the characters encountered. Micka becomes the eye opened character with wonderful dimensions everyone wants to love and slap at the same time. She is brooding, ignorant, but willing to change.

I have a new series to enjoy this fall, and I hope Annalie continues to spin this tail with the dexterity of a seasoned pro. For now, it’s off to book two.

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