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Spaceside – Book Two of Planetside

Spaceside – A really good read.

Spaceside is the second book in the Planetside series. I read the first book in the series and hit this one right away. This book is a great addition and carries on a few years after the first.

Carl Butler, after performing what was preceded as genocide, leaves the military, and starts working for a mega corporation. With a few twists and turns the series pulls together the fallen parts of the first and ties them up. But it does leave a few items open. Not many, but a really big one at the end which tells me a third book will come soon.

Some of the things I like about the series is good editing and well crafted story lines. I found each character well put forth and crafted with multiple dimensions. Michael Mammay also timed the story well with the right amount of tension building and information dumping. Each are done within limits giving the reader time to absorb and process. Yes, you get to take a breath.

If there was one thing I didn’t like it was the way they were able to send interstellar communications that travelled through the jump points. No, they didn’t need to open the jump points, just aim at them.

The Bad

Like most Military SciFi, the main character is a heavy drinker. This is also one of the biggest cliches of the series. It does get a little annoying when people think all old military drink heavy. But that is really just a little thing like the communications.

The Mega Corporations are the intertwining issue of the second book. It will be interesting to find out which way the next book heads. I hope most issues will be handled by then for the work probably won’t go past four novels.

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