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Planetside – Good SciFi

Planetside – Good military investigation scifi

Planetside by Michael Mammay is just plain good scifi. This after a lot of self-published zombie books is a bit of a relief. From the star Harper Voyager t, you get introduced to Colonel Carl Butler, an officer on the back side of his career. But regardless of that, he still wants to do a good job.

This novel is really well done. The Author spins a good fist person narrative around a story with multiple plot lines and some interesting characters. And when you think you know where it is going, something happens to twist your thoughts just a little bit.

From page to page I found myself following the story without issue. And as the story unfolded, little issues were found to make me want to drop the book. Yes, a few times repetitive words popped up, but nothing compared to the self-published work I’ve read lately.

Harper Voyager published Planetside. They have a lot of resources to help make a book stand out. The cover shows us they mean business with this author. I do admit, the writing needed to be spot on, and now we have a high level of editing backing it up. Yes, this is a book to pick up and read.

If you’re like me and love scifi with strong writing and great plots, this is one you need to pick up.

Since this is the first book of a series, I’m going to keep going with the understanding that Michael will continue with his publishing company, and that they will continue with him. A great author with a fantastic style is hard to find, and it appears Michael Mammay is one of those authors you just want to keep reading. I, for one, will be enjoying the next book in the series.

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