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Zombies Have Lost – Time to go

Zombies Have Lost

Zombies have lost in The Plan by Shawn Chesser. I say this with much regret for the first book, The Promise, entertained and made me like Shawn’s writing.

I guess that is to be expected. I’ll try to tell you why without saying much about the actual plot or putting in anything that will tell you how it ends.

The start of The Plan is right where we left off. But now we have a new type of zombie running around. They are called darts, and dart is what they do. Fast, unpredictable, and very hungry. This is where I started to not like the book.

One of the things you’ll learn about me is I like the lumbering type of zombie, not the fast type. The reason being if a virus takes over the human body it will have a hard time controlling it. The human brain takes months to learn how to do something besides roll. How, knowing the size of a virus, does one learn to run? The thing has a hard enough time keeping the body upright, let alone running. This is where Shawn loses me as a reader. Maybe I’m becoming more picky than the average, but it is my opinion.

The book contains more lapses in POV than the prior on. We jump around somehow knowing why a person did something and no explanation of why. Just, “And Mary reached out her hand because she wanted the object.” But we’re in Bill’s POV so how does he know she just wanted it? Drives me crazy because the works are not omnipotent POV.

Still, I did enjoy the work for the details on how the characters make their way to where they are going. One thing I will say is Shawn does have a good eye for detail there.

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