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Finally An Apocalypse Story – The Promise – Riker’s Apocalypse

Finally An Apocalypse Story

Finally an apocalypse story that makes sense. Yes, Riker’s Apocalypse – The Promise, is something I was able to read without cringing a lot.

Like all stories with the dead coming back to life and seeking human flesh, the story is not about the dead, but about the journey of the characters. In this first book the story is about Riker’s promise to his mother and the steps he takes to fulfill it. Along the way, he joins up with his sister and an unlikely companion in the form of a man with down syndrome.

For the most part, we are travelling through Lee Riker’s POV. There are a few jumps to others, but not many. Generally there is an explanation of how it started and the journey.

What I really liked is the way things started to come out and the narrative voice.

The second book in the the series is The Plan, but unfortunately they are not joined up in Goodreads as a series so I’ve supplied the links. The chapters in the books are short and easy to read. Action is quick without fluff. Editing is really good as well. Shawn has done a good job creating this novel.

One thing I will comment on is the character Lee Riker. This war hero with anger issues is a great character. He seems to have all the positive and negative characteristics of a military man. It makes me say well done.

Shawn Chesser self-published the books under Morbid Press. You can read more about self-publishing here. He avoided a lot of the pitfalls and errors doing such brings up.

If you’re looking for a good read that will give entertainment along with believably, this is the one. The book does not disappoint in the least.

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