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Gaea Trilogy

Gaea Trilogy – Old SciFi Reread

I reread the Gaea Trilogy, an old scifi read years back. Back in the 80’s I read the series and enjoyed it. Now, thirty years later, I have reread the series and found something out that disturbs me – all the errors and changes.

Fist off, John Varley did a good job in imagining this series. There is something about old scifi that just makes your insides warm. The worlds they imagined and the writing well edited.

I remember the work a lot differently than the new reads. More importantly, the second book is missing information vital to the justification of a character in the third book.

Besides that issue, the first book draws out a little differently than I remember, but ends with the same direction. The second book contains a bunch of info dumps that is not needed. The third has multiple events I’m not remembering.

My reading went quick. Each book is well put together and flow nicely between the covers. From the first to the last there is information the reader needs. You cannot read book two without reading book one. Likewise, if you start with book three it will kill your reading. The story will not make sense to you even with the info given at the start.

In a way, you can say this series is somewhat a fantasy, not Scifi. But wait, it all happens inside a bio-engineered space station with creatures created by the station itself. Without getting into a spoiler, we have wonderful creatures and some amazing adventures.

The stars of the show come across very well. They have their own quirks and beliefs, as well as flaws. The whole thing must have been interesting to write, for Varley strings the reader along only disclosing small tidbits of information as needed.

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