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Titan – Gaea Trilogy Book One

Old SciFi Doesn’t Disappoint

Old SciFi doesn’t disappoint, or at least that’s how I feel. This is a reread of an old love. I read Titan first in the early 80’s before I started my trip as a writer and author. Back then we knew a lot less about the universe than we do now.

First, you have to understand we didn’t know as much about space. The great emptiness between planets and what we would have in 30 years. But the world John Varley created didn’t need to know that much.

Of course, looking at the work through a microscope, one can nit pick about this book easily. The use of the technology, simple problems with the character thoughts, and the fact we’d have deep space vehicles in 2050. Really? Not the way we’re going. In fact, we may not get very far in 100 years if we keep going the way we are.

But looking at the time the work came out you can image most SciFi writers wanted more. They wanted us to stretch our fingers into our solar system and get far beyond where we are, or will be, in a few more years. John is not the first to believe we are better than we are. Most SciFi writers think our world will survive. Personally, I like to challenge that belief with a lot of supposition thrown in. But that is just me.

I’m revisiting the whole series to see just how far off we are with our future and what John envisioned. Unfortunately, we cannot go further into it than this year, but at least I have a good starting point.

One thing I would say to others, take a chance a read some old SciFi just to keep yourself centred on what our world should be.

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