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The King of Space Must Die

The King of Space Must Die

The King of Space Must Die is Book Nine of the Space Team series by Barry J Hutchison. This one I’m a little on the fence about.

When it comes to time travel and paradoxes, the rule of thumb is usually to be careful. It can be hard to keep things in line. Using the line the same matter cannot occupy the same space is insulting. Most people know it does not take much time for the body to replace cells, thus the you of years ago is no longer the same person.

But Barry does address the paradoxes well. He does it by ignoring them. Smart man.

Some of the issues I have are at the start of this book as we are introduced (not so much) to a few new characters. It is like we are to read the authors mind and take it for granted that they are in the story. No, here’s Lilly or such. This is what irked me a little in the read.

Something I have also noticed is Barry starting to be a little more braver with his narrative. From the start, he has used translation chip censoring to remove swear words, but they are starting to come out. And a few of the characters are crossing the line between good taste and downright silly. Humor is not used in the good Monty Python way we humorists are used to.

In the end, our hero’s survive to fight another day. You would not expect anything different from Barry’s writing. In this book the good guys (or nicer guys) survive and the bad guy is gone. I’ll keep going through the last book I have in the series and do a compilation at the end.

Until then, I’m getting the shiz out of here.

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