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The Time Titan of Tomorrow

The Time Titan of Tomorrow

The Time Titan of Tomorrow Still Fun

The Time Titan of Tomorrow by Barry J Hutchison is the eighth book of the Space Team series and yes, it is still fun. One thing you have to get over is the continual references the smirky main character keeps referring to and the repetitiveness coming into the work, but at least you’ll laugh. At least Mech has a few good lines in this one.

Yes, Cal Carver and team keep romping through space and getting into trouble as fast as anyone, but the main story line does tie into the prior book, Planet of the Japes.

A quick run through this book shows an introductory story, and sub story, and then the main. This seems to be the theme Barry runs with in most of the books. It is as if the real story needs the support of the first mini one, but it really doesn’t. I would suggest getting rid of the small introductory one for it does not add much.

We do see the introduction of a new character in this book, and the return of another one. The characters are here for a short period of time. The theme is a well known one and used by many science fiction writers. Barry does weave in his special effects as a humor writer with great dexterity.

All in all I enjoyed this episode, for it did make me smile at times. The suggestion though is to pick up a little more on the editing for the repetition of words does get a little trying at times. For fans of the series it is a good book to have on the shelf after reading all the pages.

Hope you are enjoying the series as I am. The work still falls short of five stars in my opinion.

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