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Planet of the Japes – Another sick one

Planet of the Japes

Planet of the japes is the seventh book of the Space Team series. Like the others, it is fun to read, but things are starting to stick out.

Barry is running a pattern with his writing. One, he always has a little introductory story, and two, the main story has nothing to really do with the introduction.

There are good and bad with this work, so let’s go over them together and you decide if it is something you want to read.

The Good

It’s a romping good time to read comedy filled with satire and little twists. Barry does a good job in pulling us through the story and to the final ending that ties some of the plot up nicely. The editing, though not perfect, is better than most self published work out there (big plus in my book).

The characters do not change (much) and the story arc, though predictable, is fun to watch roll out. There are some issues to concern yourself with but not many. It is refreshing to have an author use their own style instead of taking on someone else’s to make the writing fun.

The Bad

This part may not interest you a lot for I delve into the art of writing. I’m noticing an increasing amount of head hopping in the writing now. For those not familiar with the term, it is when the internal character thoughts of secondary (not the main) characters as present. Example, we are in Cal’s head most of the time, but then we’re in Mech’s, and Lauren, then Missette’s. It makes you wonder why he is not able to convey needs without having to break the POV. It shows juvenile writing abilities and is not practiced by many authors. Barry uses it with a limiting factor like he does. These head changes only happen in little bursts so they are not something planned on, just used as author interjection.

The jokes are getting a little stale. There needs to be more refreshing references done with a more intelligent approach. It’s like the well is there with a short bucket rope and no one wants to change it up a little. And how many times did Cal have to look at the nipples of the other characters on the planet? Time to wipe that part of the reference away.


I’m noticing a lot of issues with even the simplest of research as well. It’s good for an author to make notes so when a trip in the ship takes weeks or months. Then when the next one that is further takes a few hours, you’ll see it. This inconsistency is okay for the old Star Trek series. It is not good for a writer of Science Fiction in today’s world. Time to fix up the science a little.

And speaking of science, a cyborg needs to have a brain, not a hard drive. Maybe an enhanced memory core would have worked better. Just saying you have to get the science at least in the same ball park as the other technology out there.

Last is the cover art. I know, it’s made to convey the silliness of the work, but maybe if a little more care was used for it the sales would increase a little more.

All in all the work is fun to read, but the potty jokes are starting to wear away at me.

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