Return of the Dead Guy

Space Team Six - Return of the dead guy.

Return of the Dead Guy

Return of the Dead Guy, Space Team 6, brings back a character from the 1st book, Space Team, thought really not for a long time.

When you first read it you think something happened to the Zertex President when you look at the title. But no, it is something else. A blast from the past to be precise. Not going to spoil it for you, but at least the guy is wearing pants this time.

Oh, crap! Too much.

The actual dead guy lasts just a little. In fact, I would suggest not to title the book this way for it is very misleading. Fans of the Star Trek series will recognize part of the book as being themed after a specific episodes.

Cal is in crap again. He makes his own choices, disregards common sense, and opens the wrong door. But does he really? Save all but one or save them all. And then the dead guy comes around again, just to throw a little wrinkle in the works.

All in all the read is easy and fast. Nothing too spacey (hats off to Cal) about the writing except a call of a little better editing. I mention this because the editing is starting to show signs of less than a spectacular effort. With a series as popular as this one, you would think spending the money to keep the work perfect is a top choice, but obviously not.

Just a few more books left in this series, and I am interested in how it will all wrap up. Hope it is not a lost ending, that would really make me upset. But then again, the work is a lot of parities rolled up into one lengthy story about Cal and his best friend Splurt.

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