The Guns of Nana Joan

Space Team V

The Guns of Nana Joan

The Guns of Nana Joan, Space Team V, is another good romp through the universe with Cal and gang. But through this adventure, they are more planet bound than the others.

One thing I see a lot of is a reference to being as good as Douglas Adams. This reference is by “PRBC”, but one thing I’ll say is Barry J Hutchison is no Douglas Adams. The only similarity is they have Science Fiction satire as a genre of writing.

Let me explain. Barry does not have the writing style to contend with Douglas Adams. He does have a good style, but it is more snarky than entertaining.

And in the line of humour, Barry uses a lot more innuendos than Adams did. Barry’s style of writing is not bad, just something to get used to. The amount of humour in “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” is far more intelligent than Cal snickering over the name of a snack.

The work is still pleasing to read, but I’ve noticed a drop in the editing. Instead of being close to perfect it is starting to drop to just okay. I’m finding issues with skipped introductory words or conjunctions. Not enough to kill the enjoyment, just enough that you notice them.

In the last part of this book there appears to be author intervention. One character gains abilities not mentioned or hinted at in the prior books, and it stands out to me. If we had a little foreshadowing of this I could accept it. Think of it this way, in five books you read one of the characters can put their hand through walls. Well in five books that should have came up. But no, not this one.

Read the book to find out what I’m talking about, but till then, off to the next one!

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