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Song of the Space Siren

Song of the Space Siren – Book Four of Space Team

Song of the space siren

Song of the Space Siren is Book Four of Space Team. Today we learn about BANOFFEE PIE! The team also saves a young girl, meets the creator of their current ship, and Cal gets a stomach ache.

Okay, not really as high jinks as it sounds, but you get the picture. Like the books prior (see one, two, and three), this book contains a lot of cliches, tongue in cheek comments, and silly things happening.

Our hero, Cal, is constantly hungry until he is introduced to the replicator. Yes, you got it. It makes food out of energy. And the first thing he wants is a steak.

Well, yes. I see that happening. I’d want one as well if I had to eat the gunk he was given. But in order to get a proper replication happening the machine does a bunch of wild things. First it stabs the tongue, then inserts something into the nose and foam is injected, and finally it scans the brain. Funny, yes. And Cal wanted pie. If you’re not familiar with it and the pending tooth ache you can see the recipe here.

And like usual, Cal takes it to the limit. From one slice to a giant slice. But that is just a side journey in the book. You get to meet a mad scientist and save the girl from a giant Space Spider Dragon (Space Dragon Spider). While this goes on the team encounters a whole new world of strange while Cal brings people together and lets them know there is more to life than just throwing a girl into a volcano.

The only beef is the editing is starting to get a little sloppy. So just look past it for the next little while.

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