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The Search for Splurt – Space Team III

The Search for Splurt - Space Team III

The Search for Splurt – Space Team III

The Search for Splurt, Space Team III, keeps the smiles coming with the tongue in cheek writing. But I’ll let you know now, Hutchison is no Douglas Adams when it comes to writing humor.

Yes, he’s been compared to the amazing writing of one of the greats, but he’s not close. Not yet. The writing is improving as we move forward in the series, but as a comparison, the editing is starting to suffer a little.

But as you read more of the series you’ll find that the humor starts to wear a little thin. There is just so much you can take of a character who appears not to be growing just a little bit from each book. And no, the other characters are starting to become very predictable to me.

It’s a shame, really. The series concept has much to offer in different and unique offerings for each book. Let’s hope the future ones take advantage of this opportunity.

As I went through the work I noticed a few issues with the editing. I had hoped Barry would continue with a sharp person who knew their stuff when it came to editing. But that seems to have stopped. Now the problem starts that a poor editing job maybe in the future. If so, it will shoot the series into a poor star rating. Don’t ever scrimp on the editing process of a book.

At least the story is good, though like I said, the writing is not evolving beyond a certain stage of development. That is when you think the series is just getting new books in order to pad a pay cheque. Barry is still plugging away at his craft, according to his website, which shows multiple books being developed.

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