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The Wrath of Vajazzle

The Wrath of Vajazzle

The Wrath of Vajazzle

The Wrath of Vajazzle, Space Team II, is just as interesting and fun as the first Space Team. One of the best things about the series besides the tongue in cheek writing, is the editing.

I like reading well edited work, and it is good to see such. Barry is a self-published author, just go to the publishers website to find out. Go to the publisher’s website and you’ll see it. Only books by this author are there and thus self-published.

I actually love supporting self-published or small press publishers. They make the world of writing so nice and neat for first time authors. But then again, things happen that need to be resolved in every novel.

This work is very edited, but not perfectly edited. There are a few slips that happened throughout the writing that show Barry is dong almost a perfect job. But yes, the errors are well under the 5% acceptable rate, and this is a good thing. My main issue is with the cover of this book. It’s okay, I guess, but comes across as so cut and paste. The covers were what held me back from reading the work.

A good cover is worth its weight in gold. I’ve seen so many people pick up a book only to discard it due to cover art issues. I run a Facebook grou to help authors. It’s called The Cover Critiquers. The group is members only so if you want to join message the mods. You need to be an author to join, so no graphic artists looking for work.

Going forward I would suggest Barry find a better graphic artist to build the covers for him. The cut and past feel will disappear and he’ll probably see a huge jump in sales just because of that one change.

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