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Space Team – Screwing it Up with a Smile

Space Team

Space Team – Screwing it up with a Smile

Space Team is an interesting start to a series. I’ll be honest, the artwork kind of threw me off when I first saw it. I recognize the spaceship on the cover (see Stargate SG1/Atlantis) but with enough small changes to keep away from copyright issues.

The idea of that and the author being self-published (see the publisher of record and the fact they only publish his books) told me to stay clear, but I became curious. After reading the first couple of paragraphs it became clear the author spent money on a good editor. Very few issues jumped out and thus it made me feel a little more secure with the purchase.

The first book is done now and I’m going to keep going. Hopefully the author follows through with his current editing and keeps this work on the straight path.

About the humour – it is a little dry, and the author doesn’t come across as a twit when going for a smile. The innuendos and references to old TV serials will bring a laugh from the old SciFi fan in anyone.

The basic plot of the book is easy to see and follow. Man gets imprisoned, man gets a jail break, man is mistaken for cell mate, man must do what he can to survive. And that is the crux of the book (without giving anything away, though simplistic).

Barry has also done a good job in marketing his work, showing how popular a self-published author can be when they care about what they are doing. And for this reason, I’ll keep reading the series until he has pushes the work into something no longer readable.

Thanks for writing this, Barry. Please get better artwork for your covers.

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