Mega Local Authors Event

Mega Local Authors Event

Mega Local Authors Event

Mega Local Authors Event is this weekend at Chapters Woodside Centre in Markham Ontario!

Yes, I’ll be at the Chapters in Markham this weekend, June 8th and 9th, to sign copies of my books for the public. Come by and join the fun, meet other authors, find someone with a wonderful voice and great way of writing.

If you have not been to an author signing this could be a treat for you. There will be many authors in attendance over the weekend signing copies of their work for you. Meet the person behind the words and ask questions about the creative process. Find out what it takes to write a book and get it ready for the world to see. Ask about their next work and what is happening in the world of writing.

Saturday I’ll be joined by amazing writers like MJ Moores, Cynthia St. Pierre, Kim Chatel, Dianne Gemmell, Agnes Jankiewicz, Gary D. McGugan, Nanci Pattenden, Franca Pelaccia, and Sheila Horne. And on Sunday there will be Barbara Trendos, Nancy Thorne, Gary D. McGugan, Judy Weagle, Nanci Pattenden, Charlene Jones, Dianne Gemmell, Angnes Jankiewivz, and Elise Abram. Come out and support our home grown talent and pick up a book! Your chosen author will be glad to sign any of their publications you purchase that day with a smile and nod. Don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity to connect with a word smith of your choice.

The Mega Local Authors Event is brought to you by the WCYR in conjunction with Chapters Indigo. If you want more information on the WCYR please see their website or come in and ask any of our local authors. Remember to support your Canadian authors for they work their fingers to the bone to entertain you.

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