Trail of Lightning – The Sixth World

Trail of Lightning – The Sixth World

Trail of Lightning surprised me. Usually I don’t go for aboriginal dystonia novels but something told me to give this book a whirl.

From the start to the finish I became surprised with the world Rebecca Roanhorse imagined. The main character appeared well thought out and supporting characters interesting with unique issues of their own.

Think of a world where water is a finite resource and you live in a desert. This is the world Maggie lives in. The book starts after the great melt. Different reservations are governed by their own law enforcement and living Gods and Heroes walk the world interfering in the lives of ordinary people, and some are gifted with clan powers. But I don’t want to give much away.

Through the work, Rebecca introduces several key characters and precepts that will surprise many. The hierarchy of the world twists around the words as you find out interesting parts of Maggie’s life. Then we find out about Kia, a medicine man in training. This is when the world starts to take on new meaning for Maggie.

Each encounter is unique. Rebecca spins us around and dumps us into a world that becomes more complicated as we read. And when you think you figured it all out, a twist in fate makes you realize the strings were intertwined beyond your comprehension. This is the start of a winning series.

This book is published by a big house, unlike most I read. They did a good job editing, but still, small items did miss their eyes. It reminds me that even with a high budget, a book can be released with a few errors in it.

If you’re looking for something new, check out this book here.

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