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Etna Station – Zombie Fallout 11

Erna Station

Etna Station – An Honest Review

Etna Station, Zombie Fallout 11, Appears to be the last book in the series. Hopefully it is. And even though I have enjoyed reading it all, I think it is time to put the work to bed.

Yes, I have enjoyed reading the work, but after all the issues in writing I want to move on to something with better editing. And that is the main complaint about the whole series, the editing.

Don’t get me wrong, the story and writing is good, it can be a lot better. I’ll do a recap on the whole series in my next post. Etna Station is the final destination for Mike, BT, and the group. They have battled the dead, other groups, war lords, and vampires to get to a safe home. Now, with most of the battles behind them, they have made it.

The biggest issue is the repetitiveness of the work. A good editor would point out that a writer used the same key word seven times in a paragraph. Not in dialogue, mind you, where someone could get away with it, but in the narrative. There are other issues that came up in earlier work though the information was fixed later on.

I do miss the closure of one major plot issue. Two protagonists disappeared making it open for another book.

One big question is why two epilogues? Could the whole thing not be tied up in one? It appeared one could have flowed between them and came up with something to close it off. But then again, sometimes it is better to leave things dangling.

If you enjoy action based books with a tongue in cheek type writing style you’ll enjoy Etna Station, but make sure you pick up and read the prior works beforehand.

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