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Those Left Behind – Zombie Fallout 10

Those Left Behind Maybe Should be Left Behind

Zombie Fallout 10

Those left behind, Zombie Fallout 10, though entertaining, could easily be consolidated into a partial book. To me, it feels like more back story on characters than anything. And knowing we’re near the end of the series, why do we have to know it?

As the series runs to an end and the group tries to find a distance place to live. We find out a lot of things about Deneaux  and the others. I think more than half the book is back story, and nothing but a rehash of what has been done before. So it really becomes a good thing that there is only one more book.

Mike is not really evolving as a character, and neither is BT or the family. I really would like to see the series come to a close but there is a lot of things that need to be pulled together that has not happened at this time. It’s like Mark is running away from ending the series.

I have a few questions, like who the heck edited the series for the last few books? Really? Fixing the story telling will help a lot. Get rid of repetitive words and move us forward in the story line.

Those left behind, well, I kind of wish I left it behind. Maybe the next book in the series will allow the circle to be closed and those left will be left. But until then, I think if he writes another book after 11 I’ll be ignoring it.

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