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Tattered Remnants – Zombie Fallout 9

Tattered Remnants – Zombie Fallout 9

Zombie Fallout 9

Tattered Remnants is just a tattered push of words into a book with a lot of jumping around. Zombie Fallout 9 Falls short for the series to me. Three new characters and a big event happens to one of them. But along comes another throw away character.

Don’t expect a lot out of it, and I won’t turn this into a spoiler alert, instead I’ll just let you know it is important to read if you are going through the series. The voice is still the same but the editing issues are there as well.

The story has some marrot, but there is a lot of build up and character movement with a few of the players who really don’t have much to do with the story. We don’t need to know why John is driving around in a motor home. Well, we don’t need to have a whole back story if he is only around for a few chapters. And just a little bit will do it, maybe mentioning in passing why he is driving about.

You need to pay particular attention to what is happening with all the small stuff, like how fast the vampires are supposed to be and why they are captured or injured. Remember in the sixth book when they killed Eliza? Keep that in mind when you read this book for you will wonder about their speed and healing power.

All the major players are there for you to enjoy, but other things will happen. To keep things real, Mike does a lot of retrospect to drive the hilarity going and the banter of the characters. For some reason it really works but at times it gets a little trying. Then again, BT is easy enough to poke at if you just try a little.

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