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An Old Beginning – Zombie Fallout Eight

An Old Beginning – Zombie Fallout Eight

An Old Beginning

An Old Beginning – is eight enough or are we still going with the whole zombie apocalypse with a mix of vampires and such? Well, read and learn as the group gets to have another fun adventure.

I’ll say it again, just so Mark will understand where I’m coming from – get a better editor!

I love this series. Mark’s voice when writing is comical without being over the top, but man he needs a better editor in order to get his writing to the next level. There are a lot of issues with repetition and clumsy wording that it all but ruins the read. In fact, I almost put this book down several times because of the same key words used over and over again. And not just in a page, in a paragraph!

A good editor will see this and resolve the issue but until that happens, the work gets a lower rating because of it. Please Mark, invest in a good editor.

All in all the writing is good and funny with enough series undertones to keep you hanging. It is well worth the read in the series. I’m continuing on because, well, I have the books and might as well keep going. But man he needs an editor. With a good editor all the little bumps in the work will be flattened out and the writing will obviously pop off the page.

Until then, I’ll just try to overlook some of the repetition and see how well it goes from there. Hopefully it gets better for if any more of the repeated key words will start to drive me bonkers. And when did the old lady become a computer genius? Time will tell if things are worked out by the author or not.

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