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For the Fallen – Zombie Fallout 7

For the Fallen – Zombie Fallout 7

For the Fallen - Zombie Fallout 7

For the Fallen falls a little flat this time. Why? Maybe because the author decided to take a few shortcuts. And when I say shortcuts, it appears that Mark Tufo walked away from his publisher and went the way of the “do it yourself”. What does it mean to you? A lot more editing errors than before is what it means.

Okay, I do enjoy the style of Mark’s writing. He has a certain wit about him that makes you want to keep reading. There are few who can pull that off with me. But now that he has pulled out of traditional publishing, the work itself is really starting to suffer. I’m talking wrong word usage, repetition, and problems with POV.

During one scene, the POV is Mike. He is retelling the story in his journal. So why does the story flip to the POV (point of view) of another character? The story is not in omnipotent, but 1st and 3rd past tense. I can forgive a little slip but the big gaff is something that should have been picked up. This shows a lack of proofing by both the editor and test readers.

Besides this one big issue, the rest can be overlooked as poor editing. The story is still strong and I like how he is playing out the series in this book. It is much better than the last one. So I’ll keep going to see where the story is going.

There are two things that really stick out in the story that I need to say – why so much back story on all characters? Why on the little ones? I don’t need to know about the secretary and what moves them (not a spoiler for there is no secretary – or is there?) The other thing that sticks out is three epilogues. Really? Just one would be good. I didn’t like the other one with the changing stairs and it didn’t add to the story. Maybe that’s why he is self-publishing now, he didn’t want all the crap cut out of the book. Only time will tell.

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