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Till Death Do Us Part – Zombie Fallout VI

Till Death Do Us Part – But Why Wait?

Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part is the sixth edition of Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo and it is still entertaining. But things start to break apart when a character is introduced just as a vehicle to the end.

No, I’m not going to spoil the work for you. What I will do is discuss things that really are bad when it comes to creating a series of books. The big thing is bringing in a character to get you past a hurdle. Most characters are either throw away with no real background or keepers with extensive character development. Here we have a throw away with back story and development.

The character added dimension to the story, but it also brought up a lot of back story to go through. Sometimes backstory isn’t that bad, but other times it can drag a read. And with extensive back story comes the idea a character will be with us for a while. No baby and bath water out the window!

And that is the big problem. Not that we have divested interest in a character who dies after a long time reading about them, but hearing about a character who develops and disappears before their time. And no, the character is not female.

For the most part, I really do enjoy the interplay Mark has done with the characters. The use of wit and placement makes the work fun to read. The only issue is with the way things appear to unravel, and the lack of research that is done at times.

Final Word?

Till Death Do Us Part (Zombie Fallout VI) is a focus on one thing, revenge. It isn’t until the end of the work that you find out the focus of why, and it really doesn’t make much sense, but who am I to judge. People fixate on things and will fight it out. And it does not matter who they are, or if they are alive or dead. And it leads us to the basic thing you should know, you’ll feel cheated in this book. The climax to the novel leaves me shaking my head. Mark must have ran out of ideas for this story line and needed to run to another for the series to keep it alive.

Series rating is still a solid 3.5, but this one book drops to 2.5 for the above reasons.

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