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Alive in a Dead World – Zombie Fallout Five

Alive in a Dead World

Alive in a Dead World

Alive in a Dead World is the fifth book of the Zombie Fallout series by Mark Tufo, an entertaining series. Though out this edition of the story, I felt a little lost at times and wondered why the author did what he did.

In this book we spend more time outside of the main character’s POV than in any other. It seems to be increasing. Each novel we are in third person instead of hearing the ramblings of the main character’s thoughts. The way the character rolled out his internal dialogue was the reason I stuck to the novels. Now, with the entrance of the 3rd person, I’m not so sure.

In the style he picked, Mark Tufo is playing the 3rd person role as an omnipotent narrative. For those not familiar with such, it means you hear the internal thoughts of all the characters.

The writing is not that hard to follow, just takes a little more attention so you don’t get lost. But in this story we get a lot of flash backs for both our hero and protagonist. So much flash back that I would say there is more of it than current time story. But it is still entertaining to find out the friendship between Paul and Mike.

For those who know the characters, we have the regular ones, including Mrs Denoe who makes a little bit of a turn here to show her true colours. But that is about it when you read the work.

My biggest concern is the story line didn’t move forward very much. We learn a little but not a lot. Most of the time I’m thinking we’re reading a few short stories that really don’t have that much to do with the story itself. Yes, Paul and Mike in a dorm picking on a German guy, but why spend so much time going through something that will not add to the story itself? Is Mark Tufo trying to stretch the series out?

The questions abound about the series and only time will tell.

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