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The End Has Come and Gone

The End has Come and Gone - Zombie Fallout 4

The End Has Come and Gone is the forth book of Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo. It is still a fun read, but I really wish he had a better editor.

First, the story is entertaining even with multiple characters with the same type of personality. This is not the issue. The twist on this story line is the secondary characters. Unlike most dead apocalyptic novels, the dead are not the centre point. In fact, you could almost take them out of the story and still be entertained.

I keep coming back to the repetition in the work. It does become disturbing when it happens. The word door repeated four times in two sentences. Many other small things come up as well.

One of the little pet peeves is how fast BT, the one very different character, has healed after having a bullet shatter his tibia. Really? One week and the bone has not only knitted together but he has recovered from the field surgery Mike did on him? Get real. I can only swallow so much before the crap meter hits the red.

Enough bitching about not researching enough. I still want to see the human side of BT besides the effect Mike has on him. Like the character said, he’s lasted longer than he should have, being a man of colour in a apocalypse. Just one of the things I like about the character.

The End Has Come and Gone hits home with the lose of someone you let join your family. It also brings to end another character carried over from the first book. And with that, it’s off to the next book in the series. Enjoy.

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