Dr. Hugh Mann Made Me Feel Cheated

Dr. Hugh Mann – Zombie Fallout 3.5 – Just a cheat

Dr. Hugh Mann - Zombie Fallout 3.5

Dr. Hugh Mann, the 3.5 book in Zombie Fallout, leaves me with a sour taste. The book a good read. To me it is just a way to capitalize on a well read series of books by an author.

The big clue that this book may not really belong in the series is the timeline. First, it takes place between WWI and WWII. The main implement in this story is the electron microscope, invented in 1938 by Ernst Ruska of Berlin. North America constructed their first one in 1938 at the University of Toronto. The USA did not get their first one until after World War II broke out with the invasion of Poland. This happened on September 1st, 1939.

Nit picking aside, this is a small novella. It may even rate as a short story if the author, Mark Tufo, hadn’t added to the end. This add ties it into the series.

To say this is a wonderful work of fiction with a tongue in cheek style of writing would be a reach. Yes, it is okay, and the tongue in cheek way the author writes his stories is catching, but it can easily be deleted without loosing anything in the long run. At the end the story goes full circle with two brothers talking.

Putting this “prequel” out there is a cheat. Mark could have added the information in the other books as back story very easily, and for that I’m not impressed.

All in all I’m only giving this a 2.5 out of 5 rating. The book is easily skipped. It does not really add much to the story.

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