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The End – Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo

The End – Zombie Fallout

The End - Zombie Fallout

The End – Zombie Fallout book three by Mark Tufo is still entertaining, though errors are starting to come forward. Does this take away from the reading experience? Not really, it just raises a few questions concerning the editing phase. And as most of the work is written as 1st person past tense as if you are reading a journal, it is not something we need to really beat on (at this time).

I will say the 5% error ceiling is hit in this work and that means the editor needs to be better.

The work does jump between 1st person past tense to 3rd person past tense. This does not take away, but adds a level of expectation with the characters, especially Eliza, who is becoming more involved in the writing. It is good to know that most of the characters are not cookie cutter, but they all have one trait – smart mouthed.

Does the words a character uses weigh heavy on the review? Yes. The reason is there needs to be a balance. Michael Talbot and BT continue to banter with smart mouthed interplay. Before you realize what is happening, all the characters are being smart asses. It starts being a little much.

This book misses the realism of injuries. BT suffers from a gun shot to the leg, and Michael did field surgery on him to remove the bullet. While doing it, he fished out bone splinters. We discover BT’s tibia is fractured. What can you not do when that happens? Walk. But BT is able to do so without much healing time. Does he have a cast on? Maybe, but that would only allow him to heal, not walk. So writers, beware of this fact and make your writing more believable.

I’m continuing on with the series for it is entertaining. Well done to Mark for making the work worth the read.

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