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A Curse Upon Your Family – Zombie Fallout II

A Curse Upon Your Family

A Curse Upon Your Family is the second book of the Zombie Fallout series by Mark Tufo. Of course it is a fun type of novel with a lot of tongue in cheek sort of banter. Does that take away from the writing? No, it does not.

There are a couple of glaring issues with the book though. Not many, and if you just close your eyes and accept them you’ll be okay. But being a little bit of a perfectionist means pointing these things out to those who follow my reviews. That way you’ll know things about the story up front and will ignore them if you choose.

First is the discovery of a flaw in research. The GCM Jimmy, also known as the Chev Blazer, went off production in 2005 when the last one rolled off the production line. In the book there’s a 2009 Jimmy which tells me maybe Mark is not a car fan.

Second is an AR (automatic rifle) will not dry fire if you empty the clip. The breach will lock in the open position after the ejection of the last spent casing. In the writing, the affect of the dry fire is used for suspense, instead of the breach locking. To me, it would have been better to have the breach lock. Then again, maybe Mark never fired these weapons in the past, only did a little reading.

Through the reading you’ll get little tidbits of information about the main character or others who are in the novel. The prologue is an interesting part as well. It goes through a surprise that will be expanded on in the start of the next book. It’ll be interesting to watch this all play out.

Another pet peeve, and you’ll see this in a number of reviews I’ve done, is the repetition. Sentences start with the same word or the same key word is plastered all over the paragraph. It stands out. Horribly.

But keep reading A Curse Upon Your Family, for it’s fun and will make you smile.

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