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Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo – Giggle Time

Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo – Giggle Time

Zombie FalloutZombie Fallout reminds me of a sarcastic writing style used by another author. Is it a good thing? Yes, I believe so. It allows you to see the humorous side of the apocalypse that is the dead walking the earth. Is it perfect, no. But it is well above a number of books I have read over the last little while.

First, Mark writes the work in first person past tense, but strays out of the main character’s view to show those of his kids. It adds a little more meat to the story, but I don’t think it was really needed.

The main character, Michael Talbot, is the narrator. You are basically reading his journals of the events. Because you are reading journals, he has the ability to take the reader through thoughts and recollections a present tense narration could not. He also has a main character with an internal voice most of us don’t get to see in this genre, that of sarcasm.

Second, the story unfolds logically with nothing popping up that you don’t expect (note – I’m not going to spoil this work for you, just be mindful what what is happening).

If you like Z-Nation or shows like that you will enjoy Zombie Fallout. The work has a lot of great ideas and well thought out characters with backstories only brought out when needed.

I’ll be continuing with this series for it does give me a little giggle in the way the main character brings forth his thoughts. Well done Mark.

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