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Zero – Zombie Apocalypse by Mark Tufo

Zero – Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie FalloutZero – Zombie Apocalypse is a fast read for me. It happens when an author takes the horror genre and snaps it back to reality. This is what Mark Tufo did with the first book of his Fallout series. Yes, it’s on audio book and even with the close to deadpan reader, I enjoyed it. The only issue is the story is too telly, thus dropping the ranking a little.

This novel sets up the story and tells us how everything came to be. I’m hoping a few of the character in it will continue, but not holding my breath. We see the downfall of the US in this work, but then again, this is the introduction only. There are eleven books in the series.

Many of the characters have a real feel to them. It makes you wonder if this almost happened from the way it unfolds before you. Mark seems to have put the outline down first and followed it to the letter. This is the sign of a good planner, and a writer who will not stray far from their plan. It also gives the reader a good grounding. When something happens in one part, it happens in all the parts. For this, I am thankful.

Over the last year I read a number of Zombie Apocalypse series. This one so far seems to be the one straddling a line between gross and funny. Little things like the guy with a bullet hole in his leg still being able to fall asleep, or the interplay between the ranks standing out well. It makes you smile inwardly and confirms that not everything is doom and gloom, even when your best friend tries to take a bite out of your arm.

Having the first one under my belt tells me the author will not only have me enjoying his writing, but smiling as I do.

Good work, Mark! Keep it up.

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