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Titanborn – Children of Titan Series by Rhett C Bruno

Titanborn Does Not Disappoint

TitanbornTitanborn does not disappoint. And for those who follow my reviews you’ll be very happy to add this to your read list. God, I’ve finally had a good read.

From the start I knew this novel would be different than the previous ones. The writing came out fresh and easy. Malcolm Graves, the main character, is not only a well thought out character, but someone with more depth than the last three novels I read put together. His outlook never changed, nor his attitude toward his job. And when forced to take on a partner who is more robotic than human, he begrudgingly takes on the role of a mentor. Malcolm’s past regrets concerning his daughter floods his memories and is interwoven into the story without it being an info dump.

Another thing to commend the novel about is the editing. People with a keen eye completed the edits. I found it difficult to sight them on any errors. Rehett keeps repetition to a minimum and dialogue flows naturally. Man, a really good piece of fiction.

Rhett did his research when creating the world, though the time frames to me felt a little stretched. All in all I found it hard to find anything in the work I didn’t like. Still, I would be remiss to mention some of the Titanborn appears stronger than they should have. I point to the return of astronauts after only a year in space. From my research, a person born and raised in .14 Gs would find it impossible to even come to Earth, let alone run on the surface. Hopefully this will be revealed in the next book, Titan’s Son. I’ll definitely pick up the next book in the series for this one does not disappoint.

This book rates a solid 4.5/5 stars!

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